Market Adoption as a Service:

Establishing security and sustainability for a crypto project means getting off the exchanges. The evolution from being a “trader coin” or store of value to being a daily use currency means building belief at the intersection of supply and demand. With the goal of Achieving +50% crypto adoption in a major city

Pilot Program (upon completion of Merchant and Customer Deliverables)

1. 100 day report on user feedback, merchant adoption, and key takeaways.

2. Prove crypto currencies are a workable form of digital cash.

3. Establish a successful and safe business operation that is can be easily replicated.

Determine market share adoption process

Identify the need for crypto POS

1. Food.

2. Medicine.

3. Housing.

Critical adoption locations

1. Markets.

2. Pharmacies.

3. Doctors.

4. Refugee Camps.

5. Landlords

Merchant Services include:

1. Phone App: Custom POS, Toshl.

2. POS Tablet Preloaded w Crypto Apps and Intro Videos.

3. Cryptocurrency Wallets.

4. Educational Material: in the form of training videos and in person programs.

5. Advertising and Marketing.

5.1 Merchant Maps, filter by type (drug store, markets, etc…).

5.2 In Store/ Location marketing of Crypto POS (use of QR stickers in retail).

6. Live Support and Helpdesk for crypto asset management..

Future services include:

1-. Help Desk for clients and merchants (regarding issues with wallets, exchanges, etc…)

2-. Consulting and continued education (such as crypto asset management courses, walking the client through things like staking, masternodes, and automated trading such as index strategies.lending, etc…)

3-. Fiat Exchanges as a service at POS

Conclusion & Desired Outcomes

Cripto Conserje’s project is aligned with the mission of our of contributing partners. PAC Coin, Ohm Coin, and Horizen will gain brand awareness and user adoption in the emerging crypto-market of LATAM. Ultimately, Cripto Conserje hopes this project will alleviate the humanitarian and economic crisis faced by the people of Cúcuta by giving them an alternative payment system. Finally we hope this project turns into a blueprint for entering different cities in LATAM.