Alpha Project


Cripto Conserje, in partnership with local developers like Activos Digitales and foreign ones like Pale Blue Foundation, will launch a three-pronged approach to increase crypto adoption in Cúcuta.

1. Deploy online test for cryptocurrency knowledge with automatic AirDrop to 100 paper wallets and test and record merchant and user experience.

2. Onboard 100 local merchants to begin accepting cryptocurrencies as payments. We will do this with training and POS hardware.

3. Set up 300K paper wallets for people living in Cúcuta

Deliverables and Schedule

(all deliverables are within 90 days of proposal acceptance unless otherwise noted)

Merchant Deliverables

1-. 100 Tablets with POS software

2-. Amazon Fire preloaded with a crypto wallet, educational videos, and crypto

3-. 1 hour In-Person Training Session format

4-. Marketing Collateral (in-store stickers, crypto-merchant maps, fliers, etc…)

Customer Deliverables

1-. Secure Website to sign up for paper wallets

2-. Secure Mobile app to access the wallet

3-. Local office to print and deliver paper wallets

Pilot Program (upon completion of Merchant and Customer Deliverables)

100-day report on user feedback, merchant adoption, and key takeaways

Customer Pain Points:

Cripto Conserje focuses on helping local merchants set up and manage a crypto-payment solution.

While on the other side of the coin (pun intended) we gather user adoption data through deployment testing such as with our paper wallet Airdrop test.

We want to make a clear point that our airdrops are used as payment for participation in our project and not as charity. We will promote any legal way an individual can earn small amounts of cryptocurrency through completing tasks participating in promotions, examples can be found at our Faucets page. We believe that you can not fight socialism with socialism. Free markets with sound money make for free people. We aim to educate the people we meet in Cucuta on how to earn real online money they can use to fill their most basic needs: food, medicine, lodging.

For more detailed information, please see our medium posts:

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